Sci-Blue Integrated Systems is a specialist integrationaboutus1
company, which was founded in Queensland, in 2005
to meet the Commercial, Government and Health
sector’s demand for high end integrated electronic solutions.

Having offices in Queensland, New South Wales,
Victoria and an extensive sub contract network, we
focus on customer service, satisfaction and efficient
service delivery throughout Australia.

Sci-Blue consists of a highly experienced and skilled
team that combine years of experience. The capabilities
are not limited to standard or specific products or services.
Sci-Blue has the ability to provide state of the art, unique
systems based on inclusive customer consultation and
whole of business reviews to meet client’s requirements.

Being in the 14th year, owners Paul & Michael Sciberras
are proud of the achievements the business has made
and of the incredible, committed staff that have
contributed to the growing success of Sci-Blue.